Porterville goes green with local dispensaries

City council will be interviewing different dispensaries on Oct. 24, but they must be owned and operated by Porterville locals

PORTERVILLE – Three cannabis shop owners will be interviewed by Porterville City Council, but only one shop will be allowed to roll up a dispensary into the city.

On Oct. 24, the Porterville City Council will be conducting a special meeting to interview three different dispensaries, all who will be local. After the interviews, the council will determine which dispensary they will welcome into the city, but the dispensary must be owned by a Porterville resident or business owner of at least three years. 

The dispensaries being interviewed are Bloom Farms, Main Street Apothecary and Uncle Green, according to the staff report.

“There are currently no operating dispensaries open but two will be opening soon,” said Yuriko Velarde, Porterville’s administrative analyst. “The current agreement between dispensaries stipulates the payment of one percent (1%) of annual gross revenue toward a community benefit program.”

The interview process will be extensive and was designed by the Ad Hoc Committee for Proposition 64, which is a committee that regulates cannabis in the city, among other initiatives. The committee is comprised of council members Lawana Tate and Donald Weyhrauch. The order of the interviews will be random, and will be conducted in two phases.

In the first phase, representatives of the company will be required to give a 15 minute presentation, where they will outline their local business model structure and convince the council that the business would be safe for Porterville residents. Presenters will also be providing their projected operating costs, gross revenues and anticipated taxes. 

In the second phase, the presenter will have to inform the council about prior Porterville business experience, both inside and outside the cannabis industry. They will also describe any experience they have with community benefits programs, any proposed volunteer services and potential charitable donations.

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