Farmersville elects their first female mayor

A mother, real estate agent and now the first female mayor in Farmersville, Tina Hernandez plans to improve the city’s main street, inspire those around her

FARMERSVILLE – After four years as a councilmember, Tina Hernandez was officially sworn in as Farmersville’s very first woman mayor this month.

Hernandez reminisced about the first time she walked through the city council chambers back in 2018; she recalled a wall lined with photos of men’s faces. They were all the past mayors of Farmersville. There was not a single female mayor representing the city on that wall.

“I remember thinking, ‘My picture is going to be on there,’” Hernandez said. “I also thought, if it doesn’t get on there this time, I’m staying until my picture is.”

Fast forward to Dec. 12, 2022, and Hernandez’s photo is now being hung up alongside all the past mayors who went before her. But it was no easy decision. As a real estate agent, a single mother and now the mayor, Hernandez said she was initially overwhelmed. Once she received the title, she drew strength from her faith to carry the long road that is before her.

“The reason [I initially ran] was so that my children can see that you have to do more than just be a resident, you have to help out your community as much as you can,” Hernandez said. “If you have the opportunity, you take it.”

Hernandez not only sees her faith as a driving force for her service to the city, but also believes in being a leader who seeks to serve others. Hernandez said that in order to prosper in life, you must give back to those in your community. 

“I just want to show [my children and everyone] that no matter what, or where you come from, or what you’re doing, if you want to reach a certain goal, you can do it,” Hernandez said. “I think that the most important thing is serving others.”

In a community whose population is 89.7% Hispanic or Latino, Hernandez is able to bring representation to city council, an aspect that she says is extremely important. Former mayor Paul Boyer also chimed in on this, and said that Hernandez makes a good representative, not only as a Latina, but as a woman.

Hernandez said her main goals as mayor is to work on beautifying Farmersville’s main street, adding street lights and sidewalks to the places that lack them, figuring out ways to get revenue up and also adding more homes for the city to grow. 

The council nominates and elects people for mayor. Boyer had the first nomination, and he said he nominated Hernandez for the position, and when the council voted, it was unanimous. Boyer said that one of the main reasons he nominated Hernandez was not only because of her experience as mayor pro tem, but also her drive to be there for residents.

“She has the best interests of the people in the city in mind,” Boyer said. “I trust her and I think that she will do a good job. She is good at working with others, and I think that’s an important thing about being on a council, a team and also being a team with staff.”

Boyer also said he’s excited about the new mayor pro tem that took Hernandez’s place, Danny Valdovinos Jr. He said that the experience a person gets as pro tem really prepares them for a position as mayor, and hopes to see Valdovinos possibly take the position next.

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