Hipolito Cerros becomes Lindsay’s youngest Mayor

Hipolito Cerros receives the ceremonial position of mayor after a Dec.13 city council meeting, and is followed by Yolanda Flores as mayor pro tem

LINDSAY – Fresh out of university, councilman Hipolito Angel Cerros will continue to have his hands full this year as he takes on the role as mayor of Lindsay.

At the Dec. 13 Lindsay City Council meeting, mayor pro tem Cerros was appointed to the position of mayor after being nominated by council member Rosaena Sanchez. He was voted in unanimously and at the age of 24 will be Lindsay’s youngest mayor to serve on the council. Amid earning his bachelor’s degree and interning for former California State Senator Melissa Hurtado, Cerros also earned a spot on Lindsay’s city council in 2020. Just two years later, Cerros received the ceremonial position as the Mayor of Lindsay. 

“I recognize that there’s a lot of difficult issues that lie ahead, and I promise to give this position my all. I promise to be the mayor that listens to everybody and respects everyone’s opinions,” Cerros said. “I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say what we do here is for the people.”

Barely in his mid-20’s, Cerros became the youngest member on the council in the city’s history. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, this year with his bachelor’s degree in science and technology. Plus, he graduated with an emphasis in data and media technologies, and a minor in technology management and political science. He has been implementing his degree into his work at the city, but gave credit to former mayor Ramona Caudillo for leaving a legacy that he would have to follow.

“If I could just give a shout out to the mayor she left some really big shoes to fill,” Cerros said. 

Cerros’s focus is on infrastructure, promoting economic development and reestablishing transparency and trust between city officials and the constituents, according to the city of Lindsay website. Likewise, Caudillo upheld economic development, and stated her own accomplishments during the Dec. 13 council meeting.

“​​For the last two years I’m kind of proud of myself for the fact that I brought in approximately $3 million to our police and fire,” Caudillo said. “When we started it was bad. So I’m very proud that we’ve helped them.”

Cerros was born and raised in Lindsay, where he graduated with honors. Shortly after, he was accepted into UC Davis, where he interned for their data hacking lab, conducted scholarly research and helped establish their Science and Technologies Studies Club, in which he was appointed president. 

During his internship with Hurtado, Cerros worked diligently to advance health equity, expand accessibility to clean water, as well as improving cybersecurity and digital infrastructures. 

In place of Cerros, Yolanda Flores was voted in as mayor pro tem. Sanchez first nominated Flores, which was seconded by Cerros. However, Caudillo nominated Sanchez, and Cerros also seconded that motion. However, Sanchez declined the position, leaving Flores without opposition.

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