Lindsay seeks new council member after Caudillo’s resignation

(Rigo Moran)

Ramona Caudillo bids farewell to Lindsay City Council due to relocation, prompting the city to seek out applicants to fill her vacant seat

LINDSAY – In the wake of Mayor Ramona Caudillo’s resignation from city council, brought on by her relocating out of city limits, the city is on the move to get applications out in order to get her seat filled.

Following the announcement of Caudillo’s resignation as Lindsay’s mayor and as a council member, which was made during a special council meeting on May 31, the city is now in the process of getting her position filled and keeping the city moving forward.

“It is with great sadness that I am having to resign on June 7th 2024,” Caudillo wrote in her letter of resignation. “I reported this change on May 28, 2024, at our Regular City Council meeting, so it would be put on the minutes record as well. I will no longer be living in the city limits and therefore must relinquish my position as mayor and councilwoman.”

According to acting city manager Armando da Silva, Caudillo had to step down from her position with the council because she is moving to Tulare, which makes her ineligible to keep her seat. Normally, in the mayor’s absence, the responsibility of directing the council meetings would fall onto the Mayor Pro Tem, which is councilmember Ramiro Serna.

However, according to da Silva, Serna will not be in attendance to the upcoming council meeting, so Councilmember Yolanda Flores will be directing the meeting in his absence. Once Caudillo’s seat is filled and the town’s next mayor is established by council, the responsibility of of running the meetings will fall back onto the next mayor, as per routine.

As per the city’s municipal code, the next step towards fill Caudillo’s seat is to start accepting applications from interested community members within 15 working days of a published notification vacancy, which must be published as a legal notice in a local newspaper.

The chosen applicant will take over Caudillo’s position until her term ends, which is this year, and then the individual can opt to run for a permanent position on council in the 2024 election. The candidate who is voted into the seat as a result of the 2024 election will then serve a four-year term on council until the next election cycle in 2028.

Da Silva explained that applications for the open seat on the council will be available online and in person at city hall. The city will post applications on their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and the city’s website.

“We aim to fill the seat by July 25 at its regular council meeting,” da Silva said.

In the 16 days following the vacancy, the city clerk will give the applications of eligible applicants to the remaining council members. Then the remaining council members will vote on who to appoint to the open seat within 30 days after receiving the applications.

“Mrs. Caudillo will be missed, and we thank her for servicing her community and always prioritizing the residents,” da Silva said.

This comes after Lindsay City Council’s special meeting on May 31, which was supposed to be Caudillo’s last official meeting before leaving the council. However, Caudillo did not attend due to sickness and will not be at any future meetings.

During the special meeting, the city served cake to people in attendance in honor of her departure. This sudden change is after her five month run as mayor, a role she was appointed back in February after the council voted to remove councilmember Hipolito Cerros as Mayor.

The next Lindsay City Council meeting is on Tuesday, June 11.

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