By Nancy Gutierrez

Daisys are popping up everywhere in Exeter thanks to the Girl Scouts of America and Troop leader volunteer Jane Kleinkramer.

Kleinkramer, a former Girl Scout, was looking for a Daisy troop for her daughter who is in kindergarten. Daisy members are pre-kindergarten to kindergarten aged girls.

"They didn't have a troop for Daisys so they recruited me," she said.

Today there are five kinder-aged girls in the Daisy troop. They've been meeting since October.

"So far we've been learning about the Girl Scout promise and the Girls Scout law," she said. "Basically the background of how Girl Scouts was founded."

The troop has already taken their first field trip. The Daisys participated in an etiquette class for kindergartners. On Dec. 18 they will be caroling around the downtown area for merchants and shoppers.

"This teaches them good values and lets them participate in fun community service activities," Kleinkramer said.

In Farmersville several girls have formed two brownie troops and one junior troop for girls in fourth, fifth and sixth grade.

Angelina King is the Brownie troop leader. She and her troop meet in the old Chamber of Commerce building on Visalia Road. The three troops could not afford the fee to meet at the school site. The city is allowing the girls to use the facility free for one year.

"They are a wonderful group of girls," membership Development Manager Julie Medina said. "There was a big interest in Farmersville and it was an awesome opportunity for us."

Anyone interested in joining a troop in their area or for more information call 1-800-490-8653.

Membership is $10 per year for girls or adults looking to be leaders.

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