Proposition delay affects construction at school sites

By Nancy Gutierrez

The state legislature is discussing delaying the vote for Prop. 55, a bond measure that would provide $12.3 billion for construction and renovation of kindergarten through university facilities.

"Passage of Proposition 55 in the March 2004 election would provide badly needed new school construction to modernize and address overcrowding conditions, as well as funding for higher education that has been hard hit by the state budget crisis," State Superintendent Jack O'Connell said.

Prop. 55 is a companion measure to Prop. 47, a bond passed in Nov. 2002 that provided $13.5 billion for construction and renovation to California schools. Lindsay Unified School District Superintendent Janet Kliegl said that amount was a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money needed to renovate school structures in California.

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