F'ville students earn money by recycling

By Nancy Gutierrez

On Dec. 1 Mrs. Williams sixth grade science classes at Farmersville Junior High School began a recycling competition to see which class period could bring in the most recyclables.

The contest is provided by the Tulare County Youth Corp, a project of Community Services and Employment Training, Inc. (CSET). Students involved in the recycling contest were competing for the chance to have a pizza party in class while earning money for their school.

CSET representatives held the final weigh in on Dec. 17. The winning class brought in a total of 26.4 pounds of recyclable materials. In total, the sixth graders brought in 116 pounds of recyclables.

"I think the sixth grade students at Farmersville Junior High are worthy of some recognition for their hard work and effort," Recycling Coordinator Teresa Guzman said. "They have learned the lesson that it pays to recycle."

The students earned $81.98 for their school. The amount may not seem like a lot but in a time when schools are receiving little to no funding from the state, every penny counts.

"It's a good amount for three weeks," Guzman said.

All of the money earned from the contest will go towards supplies, special treats or activities for the students. At the same time students are learning the importance of community service, a lesson their teacher was hoping to instill.

"She's a great teacher," Guzman said. "She really encourages the students to participate in their community."

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