District looks into new gym for Washington

By Nancy Gutierrez

A second multi-use facility, on a smaller scale than Garvey Junior High School's multi-use facility, could be built on the Washington Elementary School campus. Director of Construction Maintenance and Operations Del Corley told the Lindsay Unified School District at its Jan 12 meeting that the district has qualified to receive $1 million under Senate Bill 1795, a joint use agreement bill. Corley said that if the board decides to apply for the funding and build another multi-use gym then construction would have to begin soon.

"We'll have to use the same plans that we have now for the Garvey gym," Corley said. "We have an 8-12 week timeline."

Though the state would provide $1 million for the construction of the building, the remainder would be paid by the district. The total cost for the Garvey gym was approximately $3 million. Corley presented the board with a list of items that could be cut from the plans to decrease the overall amount of the Washington facility. cuts and savings include: lowering the stage floor to 24 inches, $110,000; eliminating rolling grill doors in the restrooms, $2,000; eliminating all of the stucco, $20,000; no flooring in the gym, $70,000; eliminating a scoreboard, $8,000; eliminating folding tables, $68,000; and installing coolers instead of a heating and ventilating air conditioning unit, $90,000 among others. The full list amounted to a savings of $600,000. Corley, District Architect Doug Janzan and Tom Hirst met to discuss the possible deductions and figured an estimated cost for the project, minus the deducations at close to $2.6 million. With the state's $1.1 million, the actual approximate cost to the district would come to $1.5 million.

Superintendent Janet Kliegl said if the board decided to proceed with the project the district would use a Certificate of Participation (COP) to pay for the construction. Business Manager Les Henson said a COP is a form of borrowing that utilizes the sale of bonds and designates a specified bank as a trustee for collecting annual payments and making payments on bonds. Annual payments for the project would amount to $153,000 a year for 20 years. The board was in favor of following through with building another gym in the district. This was an informational item and no action has been taken.

In other business:

  • The board approved the annual report on Developer fees collected by LUSD. School districts are required by law to provide an annual accounting of collected developer fees. The total amount collected by the district was $97,716.19. The report identified each projected that was funded by the fees and how much was used on each project. The district currently collects $1.72 for residential construction and 28 cents for industrial construction. A study will be presented at the next board meeting to discuss increasing the developer fees.

  • The board approved the public disclosure of 2003-2004 Lindsay Teachers Association and Classified School Employees Association Collective Bargaining Agreements. The Lindsay Teachers association collective bargaining agreement causes a fiscal impact of $267,575. The Classified School Employees Association collective bargaining agreement has a fiscal impact of $110,382.

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