School targets problem testers

By Nancy Gutierrez

At the start of the spring term a new program will be implemented to help student performance. Exeter Union High School Principal Don Brinkman explained the pilot program to district board members at the meeting last Wednesday.

Brinkman said the school will target 100 students who performed below proficient in the STAR test in math or English and teachers will serve as mentors to two students. They will advise the students and check on their performances as well as follow-up with other teachers.

EUHSD has, for the first time, had the opportunity and ability to make a comparison of grade point averages from one semester to the next. School administration compared the spring 2003 final grades to the fall 2003 final grades for sophomores, juniors and seniors. The analysis found that of the 660 students, 289 increased their grade point average (GPA), and 371 had a decrease in their GPA.

The target group consists primarily of male students, with a small number of females who are in 10th and 11th grade.

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