By Nancy Gutierrez

Devann McClellan has promised herself that by her birthday, Oct. 16, she will finish the book she is writing. At two pages a night, it seems like a realistic goal. Of coarse her mom said she has to keep her grades up, and then there is volleyball, soccer and softball practice to deal with.

What kind of writer would be involved in intramural sports and still have homework? The 13-year-old kind. Devann is an eighth grade student at Sequoia Union, and though some people might think 13 is too young to write a book Devann never gave it a second thought.

"I've read other people's books and watched movies and thought I could do it," she said.

Last August Devann started on her fictional book titled "Stars," and she has already completed 17 typed pages. At an open mic night, held at the Wildflower Caf/, Devann read the ending of her book to amazed listeners.

"I haven't even read or heard what the book is about. She's been very secretive," her mom, Kelly, said. "Then I hear that she read part of it at open mic night (see story on page 3)."

Devann divulged a little bit of the plotline after some coaxing. The story follows the journey of a girl looking for her father. Though it takes place on earth, Devann said the story is a fantasy.

Devann has also employed the sketching skills of another Sequoia Union Student. Gabriel Alvarado is currently drawing the characters for Devann's book. She created character descriptions for Gabriel to use while sketching the book's protagonist.

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