By Nancy Gutierrez

Students at Rocky Hill Elementary School took a trip to the unsettled west by way of Tulare during a one day visit to Cedric and Dolly Kleinhans' farm. The farm gives students a glimpse of what it was like in the mid 19th century. Students learned what pioneers went through to put a meal on the table. The Kleinhans have hosted students from Tulare County Schools for the past nine years. Students get to ride in a mule drawn wagon and feed animals. On Thursday, March 24 students in Stan Rodriguez' fourth grade class visited the farm and had the opportunity to husk shell and grind corn. The Kleinhan's have a corn sheller that is more than 100 years old. it worked well enough for students to de-kernel the dried corn the Kleinhans provided.

"My favorite thing was playing with the goats and making the corn for them," Melissa Garcia said.

Students encountered pygmy goats, sheep, cows and mules at the farm.

Kleinhans farm is open to clubs or other organizations not affiliated with schools. For more information call 686-8205. Tours began March 1 and will close June 30.

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