Jefferson mosaic may be moved inside

By Nancy Gutierrez

A committee report by Del Corley, Director of Maintenance and Operations at Lindsay Unified School District described the plan for the mosaic that veils a wall at Jefferson Elementary School to the LUSD board members at the April 12 meeting.

"We're going to take the mosaic down and move it into the hallway at Jefferson," Corley said.

The Mosaic was created in the '70s by Viola Bonnet with the help of several classes of students. Before the mosaic was finished Bonnet died of Leukemia. But, thanks to teachers Don Bessey and Dick Hoskins the mosaic was finished and unveiled for students and parents to enjoy. Close to 10 years ago the artwork was taken down for reconditioning purposes. It was unfortunately reconstructed with wood which has slowly rotted. Its condition is once again failing so a committee consisting of Bonnet's sister Ellen Hendricks, Bussey, Hoskins and Corley, met to decide what to do with the mosaic.

"There will also be a memorial with a picture of Vi and a history of what happened to the mosaic," Bussey said. "We've accumulated several pages of remembrances by past students to develop a memorial and chronology."

Corley said five feet from the north end of the mosaic will have to be removed to fit the artwork into the hallway at Jefferson. The move will begin sometime this summer.

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