Scholarship company scams students

A company with a questionable history that is offering scholarship seminars to help parents plan for their children's educational future is coming to Fresno this weekend, April 24-25.

College Partnership has contacted local parents of middle school students with a reserved seat for an 'interview' to determine their student's eligibility to receive financial aid, scholarships and grants.

College Partnership has an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau based out of Denver and Boulder, Colorado, having received 75 complaints from consumers over the past three years, with 44 of them coming in the last 12 months.

Most of the complaints concerning this particular company deal with the company's sales tactics. After promising a 'Free' seminar, the representatives ask for $2,000 in order to research grants, loans and scholarships, a service already offered by most high school counselors.

The Better Business Bureau advises students and their parents to be extremely cautious about responding to unsolicited offers form scholarship services that require application fees. These organizations often cannot make good on their promises.

To avoid losing money when they can least afford to, students and their parents should seek information from reputable sources.

If you are interested in using a scholarship service, investigate the background of the company by calling the Better Business Bureau for a reliability report. Ask the company to put all details of its services and promises in writing, including their refund policy. Be suspicious of any 'guaranteed' offers. Request the names and addresses of past scholarship recipients and ask for references about their experience and satisfaction with the company.

For more information contact Matt Williams at 222-8111 ext. 50.

Contact the Better Business Bureau at 625-9020 or toll free at (800) 675-8118 .

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