Architect hired for Wilson multi-use building

By Nancy Gutierrez

Wilson Middle School is one step closer to getting a new multi-use building.

The Exeter Union School District Board approved an agreement with Scott and Associates for architectural services on the Wilson facility. A description of project possibilities included an assembly space with basketball and volleyball courts. Outdoor and indoor platforms are included in the proposal. Located in the multi-use facility will also be administration offices. The architect has notl finalized where the facility will be constructed. The board has suggested placing the new facility on the East side of Campus making that the new school entrance.

Board members have previously expressed the need for a better gymnasium at Wilson. The new building will have several functions including the ability to hold larger groups of students for assemblies and sports events.

Funds for the project will be taken out of the Capital Facilities Project fund and the Developer Fees fund. The fee for Scott and Associates is 8 percent of the total construction cost.

A projected timeline gives the entire project a little more than two years to complete. The preliminary design, working drawings of the blueprint, bidding, negotiating, awarding and mobilization is estimated at 13 months. The actual construction would last 12 months.

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