As schools come to a close so do supplemental education programs like Newspapers in Education.

Some teachers, like Heather Keran a sixth grade teacher at Wilson Middle School, have signed up early for another year of NIE. Keran said using the local paper in class makes students aware of what is going on in their community and can at times contribute to lessons being taught in class.

Last Friday students were using a supplement on law from The Exeter Sun's NIE program. The students have been studying how ancient civilizations governed society. In the law supplement students read about democracy and systems of order as well as the history of law.

"This is your real life connection to what we have been studying," Keran said.

Keran's teaching method includes cross-curriculum lessons where students learn history through a language arts project. She said the paper adds to this process while serving as a tie to the community.

"It also spawns some really great questions and gets them thinking," She said.

NIE is a program that provides extracurricular reading to students in elementary and junior high schools. Teachers involved in the program receive weekly papers for an entire school year to use in the classroom. For more information on Newspapers in Education call 592-3171.

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