Board hires replacement for Jones

By Nancy Gutierrez

The Farmersville Unified School District Board voted 4-1 at the June 30 special meeting to hire Carlos Vega as the FUSD Superintendent effective immediately.

The board also voted to wave the credential requirements for superintendent. Vega retired last year and did not renew his administrative credentials. He said paperwork was still being processed.

"[Credentials] are just a technicality," Vega said. "You don't need them to be a superintendent."

The board began interviewing three candidates for the superintendent position at 10:45 a.m. on June 30. After questioning the three candidates the board voted to hire Vega after a 20-30 minute discussion.

"He was a principal at Gustine High School and superintendent in Holtville, CA," board president Martin Macareno said. "He's the most qualified person for the job."

Macareno said a total of 12 applicants had applied for the job. A committee reviewed the applications and submitted candidates to be interviewed. Macareno was on the committee along with board member Blanca Sandoval.

Macareno said other committee members included recall election candidates Alex Reyes and Linda Burns as well as Denise Davis.

Once Vega heard the news he introduced himself to some of the residents outside of the District office. Many had come with signs that read, "Are you sure you want to work here?" and "We want Jones back."

Vega is replacing Janet Jones, who was fired after an investigation that board members report uncovered illegal use of school property to campaign for incumbant board members.

One community member asked Vega if he was, "going to be for the kids?" Vega said student education was his main goal.

"This is a travesty," teacher Barbara Taylor said. "They are spending money they don't have on someone who is not qualified and doesn't have his credentials. I'd like to know his background."

Community members and district staff were once again angered at the inconvenience of the meeting time.

"There has been six months of perpetual instability," Taylor said during public comment. "Who benefits when all meetings are considered special. All that does is keep meetings as unaccessible as possible. It proves the majority of the board has no respect for the Brown Act."

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