$700,000 from state could go for Wash. gym

By Nancy Gutierrez

The Lindsay Unified School District is anticipating approximately $700,000 from the State Office of Public School Construction.

At a July 19 meeting the board approved a resolution to execute and deliver Certificates of Participation (COP) for an amount not to exceed $4 million.

The COP along with the state construction award will be used to construct a multipurpose building at Washington Elementary School. Washington has approximately 700 children enrolled while school is in session. The cafeteria at Washington was built to hold approximately 500 students. The new multipurpose room will allow the student population to gather as one group for assemblies rather than in groups at different times of the day. The multipurpose room will also accommodate other events like parent orientations.

In the resolution LUSD and the California Public School District Financing Authority (CPSDFA) will enter a ground lease in which LUSD will lease property to the CPSDFA. LUSD will then sublease the property from CPSDFA to continue using it for educational purposes.

In the event that the state funds are not secured the district reserves the right to reject the lease agreement. The COP will be paid back in 20 years.

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