Church erupts with worship

The Lindsay Christian Church overflowed with activity last week as children from Lindsay and elsewhere visited, "Lava Lava Island: Where Jesus' Love Flows," for Vacation Bible School (VBS).

The week-long bible school drew close to 100 students throughout the week which VBS director Robin Leavens said is double the average of their regular sunday school attendance.

"To have two times as many kids makes me feel like we really and truly reach into the community," Leavens said. "We get outside the walls of our comfort zone."

Leavens said the increased number is partially the result of the material used to teach the lessons. She also said the connections that adults, involved in the program, make with kids throughout the year helps bring them to VBS.

"We hope that it brings Jesus to people who might not have the opportunity," she said. " And it is a fun church experience for kids. It doesn't have to be boring."

Leavens and church staff begin working on VBS activities in January.

"Pastor Paul [Leavens] takes three weeks of vacation. He takes one week off then spends two of those weeks working on VBS," she said.

She said because there are usually so many children she must order a lot of materials. She said the program costs close to $3,000, but fundraising and donations usually cover the cost. It also takes 50 adults to manage the event. Many recruits are adults who may not attend LCC or any other church. Leavens hopes that their experience is also positive.

"Even if one adult or child comes back, it is good," she said. "Even if they don't come to the Lindsay Christian Church but wind up in someone else's church it's good to know that we had a hand in that."

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