LHS hires new assistant principal

By Nancy Gutierrez

With the promotion of Lana Weatherly to principal at Lindsay High School, Lindsay Unified School District has been looking to fill the open assistant principal position. LUSD had to look no farther than Farmersville for a candidate.

At a recent board meeting LUSD board members hired Jeff Hohne. Hohne was the assistant principal at Farmersville High School for three years. He was promoted to AP after working there for two years as a biology teacher. He has a total of 13 years in education and said he looks forward to his time in Lindsay.

"I want to try and make everything we do connect to student learning," Hohne said. "Lindsay's test scores are already high. They're higher than other schools, they are obviously doing something good."

Hohne said though LHS is a much bigger school than FHS he said the schools have some similarities and believes he will have a smooth transition.

"This is a bigger school so there is more support," he said. "It's hard when there is just one AP."

Hohne said added tensions in Farmersville and not having a principal for two months at the high school made the job difficult.

"The school culture and district culture here is supportive and positive," Weatherly said. "It's a good place to be."

Weatherly said everyone at LHS was excited to have someone with Hohne's experience and quality join the staff.

"He brings strength to areas where we had weaknesses. I'm very pleased he's joining us," Weatherly said.

Weatherly's own transition to school principal has been smooth and she said she is surprised at how easy it was.

"The staff is the most supportive group," she said. "Many of the teachers told me to call them over the summer and I have."

This is Weatherly's first principal ship. She has been in education for 17 years. Prior to coming to LHS she was an assistant principal at Rocky Hill Elementary School in Exeter.

"Together with the things that I know and the things that [Hohne] knows and what Larry Buenafe brings makes us a well rounded team," Weatherly said.

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