Teacher is new AP at Wilson

By Nancy Gutierrez

The newest addition to Wilson Middle School administration isn't really new. Tim Perrotta has taught eighth grade science at Wilson for three years.

His fourth year will be the start of his career as the assistant principal there. Perrotta was hired after Frank Silviera, the former AP, took the open position at Lincoln Elementary School.

"I had other administrators pressure me about taking this step," Perotta said. "It had always been in the back of my mind so I said 'OK maybe this is my calling.'"

This is Perrotta's first time as an administrator at a school. He has been a teacher for 13 years and taught in the Bay Area prior to coming to Exeter. Perrotta said though he knows there are always concerns about helping to run a school, he knows he is in good hands at the Exeter Union School District and is looking forward to the new position.

"I'd like to see the school continue to improve the way it has been," he said. "I've seen some positive changes since I've been here. There have been some very positive things going on."

Perrotta was no doubt a part of those positive changes. He served as the eighth grade class advisor and received a Middle School Teacher of the Year Award from the Central California Chinese Cultural Center.

"I am going to miss the interaction with the kids in class, and doing science labs and other activities" Perrotta said. "Now as an AP the interaction will be for disciplinary reasons."

But Perrotta said he believes he made the right decision based on the support he's received from the faculty, administration and school board.

"I was really pleased with the reaction from the faculty. It was very favorable," he said. "It makes sense to fill the position from inside the school. We all know each other and have worked together."

As for the open teaching position, the school hired Chhaya Dwivedi who was Perrotta's student teacher last quarter.

"She's great and it will be a nice transition. She already knows the school and faculty," Perrotta said.

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