EUSD Board asks task force to report to School Site Council

By Nancy Gutierrez

The Exeter Union School District board discussed more ideas concerning the Rocky Hill Elementary School Life Lab at the board meeting Tuesday, Aug. 24.

Community members, Nancy Becker, Dennis Dismuke and Ted Macaulay, who spoke at the previous meeting in support of keeping the Life Lab as-is, were asked by Board President Dean Sutton to participate on a community task force that would help with upkeep of the Life Lab.

Board member Mickey Hirni put together a list of tasks he would like to see fulfilled throughout the year and suggested the preliminary task list be reviewed by the school site council and community members. The list of tasks was broken into fall/winter, spring/summer and general duties. Duties include, cleaning annual and perennial weeds, cleanin all 32 garden beds of all plant growth and prepareing them for planting, a thorough washing of the picnic area, pruning, fertilizing and irrigating the fruit trees. Also Included is a suggestion to meet with a local Pest Control Advisor to discuss dormant oil spraying and potential winter and spring pest problems. Spring and summer activities include weeding as well as cleaning garden beds after completion of projects. The list suggested the taskforce have two or more work days at the lab each year and that a representative report what is accomplished to the board at July and January meetings.

General tasks included finding a use for all of the fruit in the lab, raiseing funds for lab improvement projects, submiting articles to The Exeter Sun in March with accomplishments, as well as using at least 25 of the 32 framed beds each year. The list will be reviewed by the school site council as a starting point in the movement to renovate and maintain the life lab. Superintendent Renee Whtison said the control over decisions regarding the lab must stay within the realm of the school site, however the community taskforce can provide assistance and involvement. Rocky Hill Principal Jessica Bradshaw said she was also approached by a parent who had worked with the committee that helped build a Life Lab and Sundale Elementary School. The lab there has a part-time manager who maintains the large facility.

"There needs to be a point person designated," Hirni said. "

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