Walk to School Week is Oct. 4-8

The California Nutrition Network for Healthy Active Families partnered with Power Play Five a Day, invite the community to Walk to School on Oct. 8.

International Walk to School Day takes place around the world the first few weeks in October.

It is an international week that raises awareness about the positive ways walking to school helps children and communities. In neighborhoods all around the world the U.S. and 30 other countries including Mexico, South Korea, India and Great Britain, Oct. 4-8 is the week to walk to school.

The goal is to encourage more adults and children to walk to school together to raise awareness about the need to:

  • Reinforce children's good traffic safety skills

  • Remind adults to drive sagely in school zones

  • Create and maintain safe places for children to walk within their neighborhood, such as on trips to and from school.

  • Promote the fact that children need regular physical activity to stay strong and healthy.

  • Reverse the fact that California's number of overweight children is higher than the national average.

  • Equip our community with knowledge, skill and motivation that provide a foundation for a lifetime of healthy activities.

  • Encourage families to have fun and spend time together simply by walking -- the easiest way to stay healthy.

    Lindsay Unified School District Food servicecs director Margie Mininger said the schools will participate in Walk to School day on Oct. 8. Last year Mininger and Food Service staff gave students pedometers and healthy snacks for walking to school.

    Taking part in the Walk to School program will send an important message to children throughout the city. In addition to physical health the Finnish Rheumatism Association web site reports that studies have shown that depression and anxiety can be reduced with regular excersize like walking.

    For more information contact Nani Nielson, Nutrtion Network Project Coordinator at 651-0130.

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