A special assembly will be held for Wilson Middle School students this Friday, Oct. 22 to discuss the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

"Truth or DARE," a presentation sponsored by The Exeter Sun through the Newspapers In Education (NIE) program, will discuss the most common drugs that pre-teens and teenagers are faced with, their effects, and the legal consequences of getting involved with drugs and alcohol.

In order to accommodate every student at Wilson, half of the school will attend an assembly at 1 p.m. and the other half will attend an assembly at 2 p.m. this Friday in the Wilson cafeteria.

A recovering addict will talk about the horrible turn his life took after being hooked on drugs as an adolescent and his long, hard journey to recovery.

The Exeter Police Department will talk about the legal consequences of being a repeat drug offender, underage drinking and drinking and driving. Just being in the possession of an illegal drug could seriously affect your future.

"Reaching students before they get to high school is essential in preventing them from abusing drugs and alcohol," said Reggie Ellis, publisher of The Exeter Sun.

Inside this issue of The Exeter Sun is an educational section on drug and alcohol abuse called "DRUGS: Truth or Dare." Produced by the NIE program, this supplement to the paper sets the stage for topics of discussion at the assembly.

The Exeter Sun encourages parents to discuss the information with their children.

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