District to assess site on Hwy 65, Clarence

By Nancy Gutierrez

At the Oct. 26 board meeting the Exeter Union School District ratified an agreement with Klienfelder, Inc. to perform a geohazard evaluation, railroad safety assessment, hazard risk assessment and geophysical survey related to the proposed school expansion site located at 500 South Kaweah street.

The cost of the assessment is $18,050. The proposal includes investigations into a possible former underground storage tank as well as a hazard risk assessment for four sites identified by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District within one fourth of a mile that could emit hazardous emissions. Included in the geological hazards evaluation is a site and vicinity reconnaissance by a certified engineering geologist, evaluation of ground acceleration, evaluation of liquification potential and associated effects as well as competent personnel who will complete the California Department of Education School Facilities Planning Division form, among others.

The site is located south east of Lincoln Elementary School and directly east of property that the board purchased earlier this year.

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