Exeter schools get full API results

The Academic Performance Index results from Oct. 28 show Exeter Union High School as meeting its API goals. None of the Exeter Union Elementary School District sites met the growth target.

EUHS had a 37 point increase from 630 in 2003 to 667 in 2004. Its increase more than tripled the 9 point growth rate mandated by the state.

A school is expected to not only meet a school wide growth target, but also demonstrate comparable improvement for all numerically significant student subgroups. Schools were expected to meet their annual API growth targets based on the 2004 Standardized Testing and Reporting and California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). The academic performance and progress of schools are measured by using a numeric index that ranges from a low of 200 to a high of 1000.

The chart above provides some of the results from the API scores. Meeting the API results relies heavily on the performance of student subgroups in the school. At Rocky Hill Elementary, the Hispanic/Latino subgroup dropped 19 points from 690 down to 671. The socioeconomically disadvantaged subgroup dropped 18 points to 657 from 675.

Though Lincoln Elementary School has had dramatic gains and high API scores it experienced a 44 point decrease.

The white, not of Hispanic origin subgroup showed a 59 point decrease to 762 from 821. The Hispanic subgroup had a 27 point decrease to 696. The Socioeconomically disadvantaged had a 33 point decrease to 692. Wilson Middle School had just one group decrease in points from last year. The white subgroup had a 1 point decrease. That was enough to keep them from meeting their API goals.

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