By Nancy Gutierrez

Students involved in the afterschool program in Lindsay Unified School District continue to utilize the Lindsay Gazette to learn more about their community and work on their reading skills.

At Lincoln Elementary School students receive copies of the newspaper through the Newspapers In Education program to read after they have finished their homework. Many agree that they learn something new about their town every week.

"I've been reading about the well water," Ofelia Saldana said. "I never knew our water was so different than what we are going to get now."

"I learned that our school reached their API goal, I didn't know that before," Lupita Gonzalez said.

The students' afterschool leader, Elizabeth Camargo, said the students ask questions about headlines and article topics so she has a discussion after the students have read certain articles.

"It's important that they keep up with what is going on in Lindsay," Camargo said.

Students can also take advantage of the Kids Scoop section usually located on the education page. Kids Scoop is an activity page with word searches, writing projects, cutouts and other games for students.

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