By Nancy Gutierrez

In recognition of their hard work and skill the Wilson Middle School Flag team had the opportunity to perform during half time of the football game between Exeter and Woodlake.

The team has performed in several parades at school and at the Fall Festival.

The 13 girls that make up the team have practiced together since the start of school. Many have been flag team members for several years including a year as a member of the team at Rocky Hill Elementary.

This year's team has won notoriety as being one of the best ever at Wilson. The girls have done such a good job this year that their advisor Cheri Southworth asked high school band director Kirk Clague if they could perform during half time prior to the band's performance. Clague agreed, and the team stepped up their practices to learn a new routine for the game.

The girls practice one to two hours after school three times a week. They work on timing and new techniques. More than half of the current team said they would like to continue being a flag girl through high school. Last Friday they had their first taste of what it would be like.

The wilson flag team members include: Bayley Hurick, captain; Laurel Dyckman, co-captain; Irma Amador; Hannah Boland; Breanna Dreier-Gligoor; Angelica Garcia; Jamee Metcalf; Vanessa Orosco; Victoria Pombo; Sonia Rocha; Shelby Witt; Ashley McKee, banner carrier; Kelly Thurow, banner carrier.

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