Vandals slow completion of Garvey gym

By Nancy Gutierrez

Vandalism has struck once again in one of the school sites in the Lindsay Unified School District. This time the damage will postpone the completion of the Garvey Multi-use Gymnasium for a month and a half, though activities will still be held there after December.

Close to three weeks ago maintenance employees found the still-under-construction gym at Steve Garvey Middle School flooded from wall to wall. Merced Doria said vandals wedged a running water hose under one of the locked doors and left it there all night. Although it seems as though the construction crew would only have to wait a day or two until the floor dried to commence working once again, the problem is not with construction on the rest of the gym. The problem is that before the floor to the gym can be placed, the concrete underneath must have a 5 percent moisture rating. Because of the flooding the floor has a 13 percent rating. Director of Maintenance and Construction Del Corley said it will be a few more weeks before the floor is dry enough to place the proper flooring on the gym.

In other business:

  • The board approved a budget revisions that will allow the school to meet the costs of agreements with the California School Employees Association and Lindsay Teachers Association. Budget revisions must also be approved by the board prior to releasing checks to venders by the County Office of Education.

    The board approved a new selection process for choosing architects. From now on, whenever the district is in the process of building a structure in the district and must hire an architect, a committee will be appointed by the board to interview candidates and make a recommendation to the board. This selection process falls under the Brown Act and is subject to open meeting requirements. The committee shall consist of one board member, the superintendent, the director of construction, a member of the board oversight committee, a member of the original facilities committee, the current records inspector and one maintenance or grounds employee.

  • The board approved a resolution supporting and encouraging the Superintendents Inter-league Council to work with CIF representatives and all extra co-curricular advisors to resist changes in league and section policies which further encroach upon classroom instructional time.

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