Free Guitar lessons are available at The Rock at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday.

The lessons are available to anyone interested no matter how experienced or in experienced they are.

"The idea is to teach kids the basics," Jan Owens, the guitar teacher said. "My training is not technical. I just play well enough to sing along to."

On Nov. 19 Owens was teaching just one student, Amanda Allen, chords for Christmas songs. But on the first night several months ago there were 45 students. Owens said students from the guitar class at Lindsay High School attended the first lesson and put on a show for the students who were just starting out.

"This really started through the interest of two girls, Lupe and Rachel Rocha," Owens said.

The interest involved free lessons for teens who want to learn to play guitar. As a member of the Baptist Church and a musician, Owens agreed to teach the class.

He teaches students how to strum and tune the guitar and what chords to use for a variety of songs.

"I encourage in learning guitar basics to come out," Owens said.

The Rock is located on Elmwood Avenue across from True Value Hardware.

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