By Nancy Gutierrez

The Lindsay Teachers Association is looking to community members for help with an important mission.

Each year teachers in the Lindsay Unified School District watch as their students come to class without coats and go to recess without warm clothing. Each year teachers make a list of these students who periodically come to school without coats. The teachers then hold a coat drive to find proper winter clothing for these children in need.

"If we don't have a coat drive here, then coats won't get to these kids," Katheryn Langrath said. "There is a lot of need in the elementary schools."

Around 130 coats are needed in the entire district. Because teachers have a list of students without coats, they know the specific sizes needed for each student. The LTA is looking for five boy jackets and six girl jackets in kids sizes 5-7. There is a need for 11 boy jackets and eight girl jackets in kids sizes 8-10. There is a need for 20 boy jackets and 19 girl jackets in kids size 12-14. There is a need for nine boy jackets and seven girl jackets in kids sizes 16-18. At the high school five medium-sized jackets, five large jackets and six extra-large jackets are needed. Langrath said a count from Steve Garvey Junior High School has not yet been received. Langrath said any donation is appreciated.

She said at Washington Elementary School alone there were 46 children in need of winter coats. Coats can be dropped off at the J.J. Cairns Continuation High School office. J.J. Cairns is located on 467 E. Honolulu St. next to the District Office. Langrath said the LTA hopes to get the coats out to the students before Christmas vacation. Businesses who are interested in helping Lindsay teachers get coats to children in need in the district can call Langrath at 562-5111 ext. 244.

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