By Nancy Gutierrez

At 7 a.m. children and their parents were lined up in front of the Southern Baptist Church in Farmersville waiting for the Fossil's children's shop to open.

Close to 400 kids were expected to shop at the eighth annual event and the Fossil's worked all year to make sure there were enough gifts for all of the children to buy several for their family.

The Gift Shop is a yearly event the Fossil's hold to help young children buy presents for their loved ones. The highest price in the store was $1. Items mainly sell for 25 cents and 50 cents. The children make lists of who they want to buy for and a "store representative" helps the students keep track of how much they've spent. Parents aren't allowed inside. Instead children are helped by volunteers in the community.

Once the children have picked all their gifts they are taken to one of three wrapping rooms where more volunteers, including students from Deep Creek Academy put the finishing touches on the presents.

Barbara Fowler, the Fossil President, said they begin accumulating presents and wrapping paper in January. There were hand-crafted items, and donated items. Even Santa was at the event giving children a candy cane to eat while they shopped. Inside Fossil’s and volunteers began singing Christmas Carols while outside parents waited by a bonfire and sipped hot cocoa. Their store didn't close until the last present was sold. In a few weeks the Fossils will start all over, collecting toys for the kids store.

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