By Nancy Gutierrez

Last Wednesday Dec. 1 was World AIDS Day and peer educators and natural helpers at Lindsay High School, in support of HIV and AIDS prevention and education, spoke to their classmates about the dangerous consequences of being sexually active.

LHS juniors Russie Sanders, Hector Marquez, Melinda Rios, Anthony Gonzalez and David Ross spoke to four health classes about a somewhat embarrassing but important subject. But before they stepped foot in a classroom they attended a day-long training session in Visalia that helped them compile information regarding HIV/AIDS statistics in the county and state.

"They were given the information and they decided their focus would be on abstinence," Counselor Bonnie Armstrong said. "They are trying to teach the students that abstinence is the surest way to prevent AIDS."

The peer educators first provided the class with AIDS statistics in the county. They quizzed students on their general knowledge of teen pregnancy rates and percentage of teens who contract sexually transmitted diseases each year. Students were asked to answer to themselves several questions regarding sex, including: "would my parents approve of my having sex now?"; "if I had a child now, am I responsible enough to provide for its emotional and financial support?"; and if this relationship broke up will I still be glad I had sex with this person?" They followed with an abstinence quiz and short skit on steps people take in relationships.

The following are some of the statistics that the peer educators provided for the heath class.

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