By Nancy Gutierrez

At a joint meeting between the Exeter elementary and high school districts both boards were presented with information regarding the progress of the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative (BASRC) which the districts have held a contract with since the start of the school year.

The goal of BASRC is to improve curriculum and teaching practices which should result in improved test scores, Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reports and Academic Performance Index (API) scores. BASRC conducts an assessment on the districts, initially, to see where the districts are in terms of school culture, leadership, performance, recognition and intervention with students.

Part of the district assessment involves an online survey of elementary and high school teachers. In the survey teachers were asked about district and site leadership performance. The lowest scores on the survey came from questions regarding allocation of resources and funds to accomplish equity and improvement goals. The best scores came from a question regarding whether the district and site leaders have developed a shared vision focused on improving students achievement. The results showed that it may be helpful for the district to consider if sufficient resources have been allocated to meet the improvement goals established. In the survey on district culture most teachers agree that teacher and site principals believe the district goals for students achievement can be accomplished. However, results showed that most teachers believed there may not be sufficient time allocated for staff to collaborate on instructional issues. In the survey regarding monitoring performance most teachers believed selecting assessments and performance benchmarks were beneficial. Both district's results showed that additional attention is needed in disseminating data and training.

Surveys regarding intervention with students in class had the highest positive response for both districts but both districts needed to strengthen intensive intervention with students. Results indicated that staff members are not clear if the district is using data to determine the effectiveness of intervention programs and then taking action to replicate the most successful one.

These results have been carefully analyzed by district teachers and BASRC coaches. An action plan will be created from this information as well as information provided by benchmark tests from current and prior years. The action plan will provide direction for district and sight leaders to strengthen areas that need improvement.

In other school business:

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