LUSD gets positive report on accountability

By Nancy Gutierrez

The Lindsay Unified School District received its Title III Accountability Report which indicates the status of each local educational agency (LEA) - or school district - in meeting three Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs).

The first AMAO is the percent of students that make annual progress in learning English. Students are expected to gain one overall proficiency level annually until they reach English proficient level and maintain that level until they are reclassified into another subgroup.

The second AMAO is the percent of students who attain English Proficiency on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT). AMAO two is based on a subgroup of English Learners (ELs) who could reasonably be expected to reach English proficiency at a given point in time.

The third AMAO is the Adequate Yearly Progress of the English Learner subgroup on California Standards Tests at the LEA level.

LUSD met its targets in each of its AMAOs in the latest results of the accountability report. In the first AMAO, 60 percent of students met the annual growth target on the CELDT. On the second AMAO, 39 percent of students attained English proficient level.

And for the third AMAO, the English learner subgroups met the growth target in the English language arts and math standards tests.

The California Department of Education reports that LUSD has had a steady increase in the number of English learners enrolled in its schools. In the spring of 1995 there were 1,495 English learners and by spring, 2004, there were 2,093. Of those English learners, 99 percent are Spanish speakers. Hmong and Arabic speakers make-up the last 1 percent.

LUSDs progress can be attributed to the targeted instruction provided to these students at their respective school sites. Each school site offers structured English immersion. There are 377 students at Steve Garvey Junior High School, 261 students at Jefferson elementary School, 415 students at Lincoln Elementary and 29 students at Lindsay High School enrolled in structured English immersion classes. Jefferson and Washington have 194 and 259 students, respectively, enrolled in alternate courses of study. LHS has 337 and Jefferson has 50 students enrolled in English language mainstream classes.

The positive results on the accountability report are especially significant since the percentage of English learners in the district is so high. At Garvey, 61 percent of students are ELs. Of Jefferson's 706 students, 64 percent are ELs. Fifty nine percent of Lincoln students are ELs. At Washington, 70 percent of students are ELs. At LHS, 42 percent of students are ELs.

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