Bobbie Velasquez:Employee of the Year

Lindsay Unified School District Supervisor Janet Kleigl took the stage at the 93rd Awards Banquet by the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce to announce the Employee of the Year.

That was a hint. It was no doubt someone from the school district.

"This employee is hard working, honest and friendly. She treats everyone with fairness and respect," Kleigl said by way of introduction. The superlatives went on: innovative, supports co-workers, team approach, willingness to help others as the needs arises, works well beyond the call of duty, takes pride in her work, believes in community service, of which Kleigl listed several examples such as serving chairperson of the Sister City Program, mentor for the Teen Zone Recreation Center and serving on the foundation board, Dollars for Scholars. Her attitude has been, "What can I do to help to make this office run smoothly?" She will stay late or come in early to make sure the job is done correctly and completely. She is very concerned about her place of employment moving forward and by doing so, improving the lives of others. And even after all hard work and accomplishment she still has a great sense of humor and often laughs while important problems are being solved. She topped it all off naming Bobbie Velasquez as "every employer's dream," high praise indeed.

Velasquez was floored. "I'm totally shocked. My kids told me they won the tickets through a local radio station and I believed them!" she exclaimed.

"I'm very proud to work at the Lindsay School District. I work with a wonderful team of people. I love my boss and love my work as well," she said confirming Kleigl's praise.

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