Exeter makes its case in Mock Trials

By Jeannie Lopez

After EUHS first-round win against Lindsay High School, EUHS made a winning case again by defeating Orosi High School in the second round of the Tulare County Mock Trial competition.

EUHS defeated Lindsay on Jan. 18. It was a three hour trial with a hard case that both schools eagerly tried to win. At the end of the trial EUHS made the more compelling arguments.

EUHS faced Orosi High School in round two.

The mock trials were created for students to learn more about the justice system. The trials give students a clearer picture of related factual issues that are faced everyday in the courthouse.

In the mock trials the students become the members of the trial.

Each person takes a role as a defendant, prosecutor, plaintiff, clerk, lawyers or witness.

Therefore, they must study what their position is, do legal research for the case, and learn about court room procedures.

The students then show off their talents by acting out every character through dramatic monologues.

Both teams must first present their case to actual attorney's and a acting judge.

This week's trial was based on car clubs.

An accident occurs when two people allegedly race against each other. One person crashes and dies. The other racer lives but, is not put on trial for the death of another.

In this case EUHS posed as the prosecution and Orosi High School as the defense.

Many witnesses came to the stand and spoke of the incident.

Everyone in the trial gave their statements and the juror listened to both sides of case,

After much deliberation the judge found the defendant was found guilty and ruled in favorof EUHS.

EUHS won by proving to the court that if you start your engine and speed down the road then that is indeed considered racing.

EUHS has currently won two cases with no losses. Therefore, the Mock Trial group will now be moving on to round three of trials.

EUHS's next Mock Trial competition will be at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 27 at the Tulare County Court House, located at 221 Mooney Blvd. in Visalia.

Mock Trials has been sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation and co-sponsored by the California Department of Education, the State Bar of California, Young Lawyers' Association and the Daily Journal Corporation.

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