Students show NAC for Food Shows

By Jeannie Lopez

Nac (Nutritional Advisory Council) students from Rocky Hill Elementary School were given the oppurtunity to be taste tasters for a day at the annual Valley Food Service Food Show.

Students were able to sample foods like pizza bites, chick filets, fish patties and fruity smoothies.

Members of NAC are part of a program that was created by the American School Food Service Association and is spornsored by the Tulare County Office of Education's Nutrition Network. The Nac program gives students a oppurtunity to attend events like the Food Show in order to learn more about the foods they eat.

They not only go to the food show, but they also go to supermarkets, farms, and dairies to learn about the origin of their favorite foods and what foods are a healthy choice. It also brings students together to learn and spread the word about good nutrition and exercise.

Every year the Valley Food Show presents all school districts with different food distribution companies. Food companies like J&J Snacks, Icelandic Seafood, Ruiz Foods, and Tyson Foods presented the students with their very best. They know if the kids like it then they might get a sale. The companies know that the students are their target market and they're the ones who ultimately decide what their school's cafeteria will serve.

Brian Suppel, food service director of Rocky Hill, said he thinks bringing them to the Food Show is a great oppurtunity to see what children really want on their school menu.

"I like the pizza. It was good. I like how it was made" said, Amanda McElrath a fifth grader at Rocky Hill.

The NAC program was developed year ago. This is the first year students are able to attend the Food Show and try out the kinds of foods that maybe be on the menu in the future.

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