Class raises $902 for tsunami relief

By Jeannie Lopez

After hearing about the tragic tsunami that destroyed vast area's of Asia, Cassie Hulsey teacher of Rocky Hill Elementary decided to ask her students, "Do you want to help the people involved in the tsunami?"

And that's exactly what she did. After Christmas break, Hulsey's fourth grade students' without any hesitation, began organizing a fund raiser to raise money for the tsunami relief effort.

Flyers were quickly sent out to parents and staff, everyone immediately responded that they would definitely get involved. Then anyone who participated in the event was asked to bake cookies, brownies and other goodies to sell the next day at lunch. While, parents and family baked other places graciously helped out Husley's class also. The Wildflower Cafe donated brownies, Hometown Emporium gave a dozen cookies, and Savemart also, donated $25 worth of baked goods.

After only two days of selling the items during lunch Husley's class raised $902 to donate to the American Red Cross.

The next week Ken Iimas of the Tulare-Kings County Red Cross came to Hulsey's classroom to pick up the check and explain to students how much the students are helping the people who were in the tsunami. Iimas spoke of exactly where their money was going to ensure students they are helping people without food, shelter or medicine to heal them from the pain caused by the tsunami.

Students of Hulsey's class were pleased that the fundraiser was a success and they were happy to see that this money is going to people in need.

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