By Jeannie Lopez

Exeter Union High School has dealt with their first loss in the Mock Trial Competition.

EUHS tried their best to win by using intimidation and poise but, in the end Farmersville High School came out on top.

During last week's Mock Trial Competition EUHS students were the defense and the FHS students were the prosecution. The case was based on People vs. Kendall the same case used previously in all the Mock Trial competitions this year. In which students have been participating in a trial based on a hypothetical case.

Defending their client were Jesse Hersch, Brittany Williams, and Nick Sanchez. The attorneys were determined to win as they put up an argument in this trial through many objections and heresays from the beginning to the end of the trial.

EUHS student Tina Davis played the defendant on trial. Davis tried to sway the decision by wearing a bright pink silk shirt, nerdy big glasses and putting her hair in pig tails to give the court, jurors and the judge the impression that she was not the type of person to be in a car club and definitely not a criminal.

Then there was the FHS prosecution team of Perlita Mendez, Xtephaniey Cook and Robert Rodriguez. At times Perlita debated with Hersch, who questioned Perlita's witnesses on the stand. It was a continuous legal debate amongst the students. It was an exciting night for the two teams but, only one could win.

After closing statements, both teams were neck and neck the whole evening. The judge finally ruled in favor of FHS.

The decision gave Farmersville a win in the third round of the Mock Trials. But it will be EUHS moving on to the semi-finals and not FHS.

Check for results from the semi-final Mock Trials in the next issue of The Exeter Sun.

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