By Jeannie Lopez

At last weeks Mock Trials Semi-finals Exeter Union High School competed against Redwood High School.

EUHS brought out their skills and gave their best defense to the judge but, at the end jurors results indicated that in fact Redwood was the winner.

Redwood will yet again be going to the finals as they did last year. Though

EUHS students are disappointed they were still happy they had made it that far in the competition. EUHS was one of 11 teams who made it into the semi-finals of the Mock Trial Competition. They beat Lindsay High School, Orosi High School, and lost to Farmersville High School and Tulare.The students of EUHS had fun participating in the Mock Trials this year. They were able to learn a lot about what it's really like to be part of a court or trial. They got to play the roles of attorneys, witnesses, and as a defendant in a real court house. It was an excellent experience for the students especially because they hope to work in law some day. Members were Jesse Hersch, Brittany Williams, Nick Sanchez, Abbey Cochran, Patrick Wright, Marcie Marquez, Amanda Brooks, Shanna Hobbs, Sunaina Talbani, Garkay Wong, Karina Munoz, Samantha Siaro, Phillip Cliff, Tina Davis, Kyle Espenola, Erik Allen, Casie Anderson, and J.C Mitchell.

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