LHS takes gold among small schools

By Jeannie Lopez

At this year's 20th Annual Tulare County Office of Education Academic Decathlon students from all different schools came out to the event to show their studious academic skills.

The 11 county schools that particpated in the decathlon were Granite Hills High School, Porterville High School, Monache High School, Strathmore High School, Exeter Union High School, Dinuba High School, Farmersville High School, Lindsay High School, Tulare Western High School, Orosi High School, and Woodlake High School.

The event consisted of schools competeing in individual subjects of mathematics, economics, social science, language and literature, music, art, interview, essay and speech. In addition, to the tradional subjects, schools were also able to participate in the Super Quiz.

The Super Quiz was a competition in which teams of three answered various questions that ranged from easiest to hardest. The students that participated were placed in catagories of Honors, Scholastic and Varsity students. Honor students are 'A' average students, Scholastic students are 'B' average students and Varsity are 'C' average students. Each group then answered questions that were on an overhead projector screen for the public to see. As the competition went on scores were taken community volunteers.

At the end of the Super Quiz, students waited for the scores to be tallied up from the whole Academic Decathlon. The hardest part of the decathlon seemed to be the Super Quiz. "It was tense everything was riding on you" said Max Cooper, LHS student after taking his turn at the Super Quiz. "Very challenging because the team wants you to get the right answer to the question" EUHS student Sandra Garcia said.

While students waited for the results EUHS and LHS coaches gave their thoughts about the event after the Super Quiz. The event is going really well, it's really organized" said, Mikk Jolly, EUHS Academic Decathlon Coach.

"They feel preety good about it, their having a lot of fun" said, Brett Pierotte, LHS Academic Decathlon Coach.

After 30 minutes the winners would no longer have to wait to hear the results of the decatholon. The winners would soon be recieving their awards at the ceremony. The winners with top scores for language and literature were William Cooper, and Kevin Camacho of LHS who received bronze medals. Top scores for social science were Kevin Camacho of LHS who won a silver medal, and Carmen Lara, Nick Reynosa, and Isabel Alvarez all from EUHS who received bronze medals. Top scores for art were William Cooper of LHS who won a gold medal and Kevin Camacho, also of LHS, who received a bronze medal. The team overall score winner for a small school was LHS with a team total of 24,380.1 points out of an avearge of 48,000 points. LHS received a team trophy for ranking No.1 in a small school and ranking No.4 school for team overall scores out of the 11 schools that participated in the event. Tulare County Office of Education Superintendent, Jim Vidak, was on hand to congratuale all the winning individuals and teams.

Students have been studying for this event since the beginnig of the school year. They have taken their weekends and after school time to prepare for the decathlon. When the decathlon finally arrived, students of Tulare County all hoped they were ready for the two day competition.

LHS students and EUHS students showed that they were able to take up a challenge. They were able to not only against other small schools team at competition of nine students but, also large schools that consisted of up to 18 students in their team. Everyone did great almost, all the students walked away with at least one metal. It will be an experience no one will ever forget.

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