Coinstar counts change for relief

By Jeannie Lopez

At Rocky Hill Elementary, students decided to collect all their pennies and help raise money for the tsunami relief.

All classes collected money for one month, a total of 22 classes ranging from third to fifth grade participated in the fund raiser.

Culligan Water participated by donating large water cooler bottles to collect the money in. The collection bottles were then placed in every room on site.

After a month passed, parent volunteers Lisa Torres and Granny Lynch took the change to the local Savemart to be counted by Coinstar.

Coinstar counts the money for free if its donations go to the Red Cross.

The students donated all the money to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief fund.

It was estimated that the school raised more than $2,000. Which also, included the $100 bill found in one of the bottles.

Savemart was pleased with the students of Rocky Hill for donating money to the tsunami relief. So, the employee’s of Savemart offered to throw a party for the class that raised the most.

This is Rocky Hills second tsunami relief fund- raiser of the year. All the donations have been going straight to the people who were affected by the tsunami.

Rocky Hill has showed that they really come to the aid of others in need. The students, staff and volunteers should be proud of themselves for giving so much to others.

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