By Jeannie Lopez

Students in Missy Dias first grade class have fun learning about math and writing skills while still celebrateing Valenitnes Day.

Valenitines Day a traditional holiday of sweethearts and cupids can only be taught at schools if used at the standard based theme of the activities for the day.

Therefore, Dias created activity plans that were all standard based projects acceptable to the school's learing system.

One of the activities she taught was called "What's my place?" This project included cutting out hearts with numbers on them and then putting them in order by fives.

The students were in fact learning their multiple-of-fives table. Therefore mathematics was being used in the lesson.

"You can have fun, counting fives onpaper," said Nicholas Gonzales, a first grader in Missy Dias' classroom.

Graphing conversation hearts was another project in the classroom.

The students were to give information about the graph. A graph that included a handful of candy conversation hearts and worksheet with a table graph.

The students then had to find out whether there are more pink, orange, or purple hearts. The final activity was the custom Valentine cards. The students were to make Valentine's cards for their families.

However, the catch was that the Valentine had to enclose a short letter. A short letter that meant using your writing skills and making sure all the spelling is correct. This project would cover the writing standards of the class.

"They're learning while having fun and they get to celebrate Valentines Day," said Dias.

Dias' class of 20 had fun participating in these various activities. They were able to jump from one colorful project to the next without ever realizing just how much they were learning.

At the end of class when all the glue, colors and scissors were put away, students from Dias got to really celebrate Valentinges by going home with a handful of cookies and pink frosted cupcakes to go.

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