Migrant Ed. grants funds to LUSD

By Jeannie Lopez

California Department of Education's (CDE) Migrant, Indian and International Education Office (MIIEO) has granted direct funding status to the Lindsay Unified School District.

As a result of achieving direct funding status, the LUSD will be recognized by CDE/MIIEO as MIgrant Education Region 24. Last year LUSD received $230,000. They predict next year they will receive up to $700,000 from the CDE and MIIEO. The Lindsay Unified School District will become an official region as of July 1. The next step in the process will include staff development by the MIIEO staff. The staff development activities will focus on the unique programmatic and budgetary requirements of a Migrant Educational Regional Office. The MIIEO will be working with your staff to schedule the staff development training.

Approval of Administrative Regulation on the Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures was approved by the board. The Williams Settlement, Administrative Regulation Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures, is a new mandate. The Williams Uniform Complaint Procedure involves three different types of complaints. The district shall use the specific procedures to investigate and resolve complaints when the complainant alleges that any of the following has occurred.

1.Instructional materials

A student, including an English learner, does not have standard-aligned textbooks or instructional materials or state or district adopted textbooks or other required instructional materials to use in class.

2.Teacher vacancy or misassignment

A semester begins and a certificated teacher is not assigned to teach the class and a teacher who lacks credentials or training to teach English learners in assigned to teach a class with more than 20 %. English learner students in the class. In addition, a teacher is assigned to teach a class for which the teacher lacks subject matter competency.

3. Facilities

A condition poses an emergency or urgent threat to the health or safety of students or staff.

4. Filing of Complaint

A complaint alleging any condition(s) specified above shall be filed with the principal or designee. The principal or designee shall forward a complaint about problems beyond his/her authority to the superintendent or designee within 10 working day.

5. Reports

The superintendent or designee shall report summarized data on the nature and resolution of all complaints to the board and the County Superintendent of Schools on a quarterly basis.

The board also approved a two new courses that will be offered in the next school year.at LHS. The class will a AP (advanced placement) agriculture class. The agriculture department was approved or a economics in agriculture course. The course is designed for students to learn about operations and institutions of the economic system as applied to the agriculture industry. The course is also designed to meet LHS Economics and Senior Seminar requirements along with the state economics graduation requirements of the University of California A-G Credit requirements, and College of Sequoia's accreditation.

The board approved a new academic placement Spanish literature course. LHS foreign language department was approved for a new advanced placement Spanish Literature class. The class is intended to be the equivalent of a third year college introduction to Hispanic literature course. It will cover selected authors and works from the literature of Spain and Latin America. Students who perform satisfactory on the AP Spanish Literature Exam can receive credit for the comparable college level course.

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