Students win big at Math Bowl

By Jeannie Lopez

Last week 38 middle schools attended the Math Super Bowl at the Visalia Convention Center presented by Tulare County Office of Education.

More than 700 students competed against one another to show off their math skills and problem solving abilities.

The Math Super Bowl consisted of three main events which were the Pro Bowl, the Team Bowl and the Power Bowl. In the Pro Bowl, students from different schools formed teams to work on one challenging problem. In the Team Bowl, team members from individual schools worked together to solve 15-multiple step problems. Finally there was the Power Bowl in which students worked on 30 enhanced multiple choice problems

"Working together with students from other schools,. this competition helps build teamwork skills. Math Super Bowl also teaches participants valuable problem solving skills that they'll continue to use as adults in their business and personal lives," said Tulare County Superintendent of Schools Jim Vidak.

At the end of the competition a ceremony took place in which Superintendent Vidak passed out ribbons, medals and trophies to the winners. The following foothill winners who received

Superior blue ribbons were Marissa Lopez of Farmersville Middle School, Samantha Wright of Wilson Middle School, Jorge Ojeda of Stathmore Union School, Shayla Moreno of Famersville Jr. High School, Tyler Wyckoff of Steve Garvey Jr. High, Hannah Risvold of Springville Union School and Sarah Owens of Springville Union School. Excellent red ribbon winners were Vanessa Orosco from Wilson Middle School, Cori Snyder of Springville Union School, Lupe Velasquez of Strathmore Union School, Spencer Litwack of Sequoia Union School, Katie Duysen of Springville Union School, Seth Townsend of Steve Garvey Jr. High, Andrew Basham of Three Rivers Union School, Shelly Fleming of Steve Garvey Jr. High School, Jesse Johnson of Three Rivers Union School, Alejandra Preciado of Steve Garvey Jr. High School and CJ Cabarruvias of Springville Union School.

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