Evo Bluestein advocates folk music in all schools

By Jeannie Lopez

Evo Bluestein, a folk musician specialist and director of Folk Programs for Schools entertained Lincoln Elementary students from Exeter at their last assembly.

Bluestein used his happy- go- lucky personality and his out of the ordinary instruments to keep the kids smiling.

Bluestein, a dedicated teacher of music, loves to educate schools about his Folk Program. He travels from school to school to help educators understand the importance of art and music education. Though Bluestein knows that there is a statewide budget crisis, he still travels throughout the state to advocate Folk Programs for Schools.

Part of his program would includes playing traditional folk music instruments. Some of these instruments he introduced to the students at Lincoln School. For example, he played the autoharp-an instrument similar to a regular harp but smaller. With the autoharp he entertained the students by singing "This Land is Your Land."

Bluestein also introduced other songs with a little history about where the song came from and what instruments he would be using to play the music. His first song was an Irish tune called, "Haste to the Wedding." Bluestein used the classic fiddle to go along with the song. As he played the fiddle Bluestein jumped up on the stage and began dancing a jig, a common, lively dance in Ireland that consists of stomping your feet and jumping around. Students applauded as he played a non-traditional song from Ireland, and as he danced his jig.

Bluestein hopes that schools will see that a Folk Program can be a big part of a student's education. Music and dance are both positive activities for students to get involved in and they can learn some history in the process. Evo Bluestein can be contacted at 297-8966 or by email at [email protected]. For more information on Folk Programs for Schools go to http://evobluestein.com.

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