P2P become reporters for a day

By Jeannie Lopez

People to People students are getting more and more excited every day as they prepare to go on a trip to the British Isles.

But before they journey to Wales, England and Ireland, they had to complete their educational project studying the culture and traditions of the British Isles.

Their project was, specifically, to create a four-page newspaper that included researched stories, pictures and a lot of work. The Foothills Sun-Gazette helped make that happen by giving them tips and lessons on how to construct a newspaper. After more than 12 hours of developing a newspaper, P2P created the Ambassadorial Times.

The Ambassadorial Times includes stories with the headlines that read 'The Prince of Wales Weds!', 'History of Welsh Money,' and many other stories based on the British Isles.

A project helped the P2P students get a better understanding about the countries they will be visiting, before departure.

The students who created the Ambassadorial Times were Jennifer Smith, Tyler Wyckoff, Preston Fernandes, Silas Childress, Ashley Peton, Dillon Byrne and Nicole Aldrich.

People to People Student Ambassador is a program that fosters friendships between students of different nations. The nonprofit organizationpromotes peace and understanding through the sharing of cultures by traveling to foreign countries to learn about their life.

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