By Jeannie Lopez

The Tulare Office of Educations had more than 1,000 students participating in its annual Poetry and Prose On Stage.

The three-day oral interpretation event joined more than 70 schools at the county's Office of Education to recite poems.

"This is a delightful event to attend." said Tulare County Superintendent of Schools Jim Vidak. "For some of our younger students, Poetry and Prose is their first time reciting before an audience."

Students worked hard to have their poems memorized. They also practiced on their eye contact with the audience, their facial expressions, their good use of gestures and many other skills, just a few things that judges were looking for as the students preformed their poems in front of an audience.

"The Poetry and Prose is a wonderful opportunity for students. It's hard to get in front of people but they still communicate to the audience and it's just a fun day," said Jeanne Nava, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for the Office of Education.

After judging, the students were given critiqued - a positive instructional evaluation of their performances. They were told what was good and what needed improvement.

At the end of the competition, certificates were given in three categories for overall performance: Very Good, Excellent and Superior. Eighteen earned the 18 Very Good certificate, 244 were deemed Excellent and 639 became Superior award winners.

Following are the schools and students that participated:

From J.E. Hester School in Farmersville Yvette Morales, Jessie Salud, Roman Vasquez, Gladis Sanchez, Shayline Moreno, Diana Barraza, Ana Ramos, Patricia Guzman, Daisy Julian and Janet Garcia recited "The Crocodile's Toothache." Byanka Armenta recited "Getting Dressed for School." Kathy Mellado and Leidy Barajas "What's so funny?" Brittany Leib recited the poem "Freddie." William Villa and Aaron Hamilton recited "The Dentist Pulled My Tooth Out." Nathan Sanchez recited the poem "Don't Pinch."

From Lincoln Elementary School in Exeter. Tanner Jones recited the poem "I Has An Invisible Playmate." Karina Carstens, Nolan Serpa, Cody Moody, Sara Dreyer, Pedro Lopez, Ashyln Kausen, Hannah Hastings, Emily Johnson and Brandon Cory recited "April." Corbin Kehrberg, Xavier Gomez, Celeste Sosa, Joe Apodaca and Vladimir Martinez recited "Bear In There." Kyle Jones recited "Why I Have to Clean My Room." Brook Lamb recited "Rover." Madison Ehrsam, Austin Hutsell and Jacob Stewart recited "Whistling."

From Lincoln Elementary in Lindsay. Katelyn Evaro recited the poem "Poemsicle." Cristopher Kreisel recited "Homework Oh Homework." Jalyssa Aguellas, Cindy Sanchez and Chelsea Alvarez recited "Snowball." Savanna Longoria recited "A Frog, A Stick." Ines Rosales recited "Food Mood." Jeremy Davis and Robert Ayala recited "Lost Head."

From Rocky Hill Elementary in Exeter, Corin Elam recited the poem "Could Have Been Worse." Henry Orijel recited "Giant Hearts." Ashley Ehrsam and Megan Tangonan recited "The Three Bears." Samantha Saucedo recited "Clear as Mud." John Grimes recited "Bananas and Cream."

From George L. Snowden School of Farmersville. Jordan Tanner recited the poem "The Loser." Shesell Renteria, Lizette Perez, Deana Castro, Erica Luviano, Joel Tapia, Uriel Gutierrez, Moises Martinez, Jose Perez, Ricardo Alejandrez and Cristian Salazar recited "Honeybees."Yesina Espinoza, Cinthia Corona, Juanita Estrada, Rafael Pantoja and Carlos Castaneda recited "My Fish" and "No Ship Like Friendship." Cesar Jimenez recited "Falling Asleep in Class." Karyssa Amezcua, German Acevedo, Joseph Lemus, Marcelino Salazar, Kylie Tapia and Jessica Cisneros recited the poems "Home" and "Children, Children Everywhere."

From Sequoia Union School in Lemon Cove, Sierra Cobb recited the poem "Homwork, Oh Homework." Caltlynn Toste recited "Could Have Been Worse." Kristin Stone recited "School Lunch." Brooke Smith recited "Monday." Braden Atchley recited "Dragon Eye." Alexandria Allelo recited "A Letter from the Old Country."

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