Stories read by many at TCOE

By Jeannie Lopez

Last week, kindergarten through eighth-grade students displayed their books at the Young Author's Faire at the Tulare County Office of Education. Students have been working on their books throughout the school year to present their books to the public.

Parents and children supported the event by reading their child's book and many other children's books that were displayed during the Young Author's Faire reception. They were also invited to comment on the book and give their thoughts on the student's story including actually meeting the authors and congratulating them for their hard work and success.

Every book exhibited at the faire was unique in it's own way whether it was a book about friends, or a book you can "touch and feel" book with various stories complied in to one. Every detail in each book was illustrated and written by the young authors of Tulare County. "I thought it was fun making a book," said Rikki Tobias, a seventh grader at Outside Creek.

The Young Author's Faire is an annual event that gives students a an opportunity to show the public their own stories. These are books that don't get judged or win awards but are recognized for their writing skills and creativity.

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