Boosters in need of Campbell labels

Help Wilson Music Boosters at Wilson Middle School earn free merchandise. Campbell's labels for education program awards free educational equipment.

Over the past 30 years, Campbell's Labels for Education program has delivered more than $100 million in free merchandise to schools nationwide. To kick-off this years label collection drive, Wilson Music Boosters is asking parents, teachers and friends in the community to collect Campbell product labels that can be redeemed for free educational merchandise.

You can help Wilson Music Boosters earn free merchandise by simply saving labels or clipping proofs of purchase from any of the following eligible Campbell product's as seen at right and sending them to Wilson Music Boosters at Wilson Middle School:

265 Albert St.

Exeter, Calif. 93221

If enough labels are collected Wilson may able to receive merchandise such as computers, audio/visual equipment, sports equipment, reference books, musical instruments and even a mini-van, by collecting everyday Campbell labels.

"This year our goal is to collect 47,000 labels, so we're asking the community to help," said Gina Wise, President and Coordinator for Wilson Music Boosters at Wilson Middle School's Labels for Education program. "If we work together, we can build better schools for our children."

Visit to make Community Label Pledge, just visit the website and click into the "Community Label Pledge" link. Here, you can make a voluntary pledge to donate Campbell product labels.

For more information on how to be a part of Wilson Music Boosters at Wilson Middle School's Labels for Education collection drive, contact the school coordinator Gina Wise at 592-3580. The 2004-2005 program runs until June 1. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help students enhance their education.

List of Campbell items:

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